Friday, August 5, 2011

Shalom From Israel 3 Day Recap

We have arrived in Israel! A beautiful land with flowing with development and culture. a mixture of historical traditions and flourishing life.  

We started our Israel mission with t learning fundamental leadership principles through the most humblest of  profession's, farming, . with a dramatic lesson in leadership focusing on three subjects in nature that are common in Israeli culture
1. Sheep and Goats - 
From Psalms 23: we learn over 23 effective leadership qualities by a Shepherd and flock. 
2. Water
Per year Israel receives 30 days of rain  which is equivalent to 180 of rain per year that England receives. Learning how to work with limited resources in 30 days will determine your year.  The Lesson is Resourcefulness 
3. Hyssop
Low lying compared to a cedar of Lebanon, It looks like brush-weed but it's potent make up if more powerful than all the cedar of Lebanon. The Lesson is Humility. 

Next we drove along the Mediterranean Coast to Caesarea, to visit a city Build by King Herod.  Where we visited King Herod's innovation in the Roman Capital of Israel. We viewed beautifully restored Roman theaters  where many christian martyrs where sacrificed for entertainment.

From there I had time to reflect on Jesus's Teaching on the Mt. of Beatitudes. What an awesome privilege to meditate on Matthew Chapter 5 and Pray for the teachings of Jesus to be realized in my life.

Our first day was filled with revelations = to Aesop Fables, many of which I can take and impact my life and the life's of others in a real peaceful way.

The Second Day was filled with a packed schedule as well. We began the morning by Boat ride on the Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is especially significant since it's where Jesus performed many miracles, and centrally located in the City of Tiberias, it is as important economic natural resource.

From there we traveled to the Golan Heights to view first hand the former Syrian Fortifications, and hear  from Kibbutz dwellers profiles in courage during the Yom Kippur War. We were near the Syrian Israeli Boarder.

That evening we enjoyed a Bon Fire and time of singing and meeting local Israeli's.

Today! Was a Fun informative day of celebrations we met privately with IDF soldiers on the Lebanese Israeli Boarder. (This meeting was highly secretive and confidential, so we are not able to post pictures. After an intense look at the work of the IDF on the Lebanese Boarder we  went river rafting in the Jordan River near Jericho City. After we Went to lunch in Tiberias city where we ate St. Peter's fish on the Sea of Galilee.

After we made our assent up to Jerusalem, here we stopped at the Haas Promenade to remember the Lord Death through communion with amazing views of the Old and New cities of Jerusalem.

This is a rapid recap of the past three events It did not cover all the things we have done but I though it befitting to choose from the highlights of the past three days more pictures, information, and reports will be forthcoming. I will spend another 9 days in Israel before returning home to USA

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