Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Land flowing with Milk and Honey - Israel

Let me take a moment to reflect on what has been an incredible trip to Israel. In brief summary.

traversing the Jordan river through raft and ore was a thrilling experience. We have attended seminars learning a range of topics from the complexities of the Israeli political System, Terrorism in the Middle East, and learning lessons about Palestine -Israeli relations  from an Arab - Israeli reporter from the Jerusalem Post.

Being here has given me an in depth hands on look into the issues confronting Israel. It will definitely give me an leading edge in defending the US-Israeli relationship.

A brief guide on the our latest activities.

On Sunday August 07, 2011
We visited the Wailing wall for a morning prayer. Then proceeded to the City of David where we walked through Hezekiah's underground water tunnel, which is still filled with water to this day. We visited the recently discovered Siloam pool where Jesus performed many miracles. We then walked up stairs from the Pool to Jerusalem dating back over 2000 years ago. We continued to the Israeli Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, in the New city of Jerusalem. Next we passing through the Israeli Museum to view the Dead Sea scrolls. Later we drove to Kfar Hanokdim for authentic Bedouin experience. We rode Camels and donkey's in the Dessert. We slept in tents ate traditional Bedouin food and enjoyed a campfire over music ans dance.

Monday August 08, 2011
Early Morning we lest at 5am for a trek up Masada to view the morning sunrise via the Roman ramp. Masada was the place for the Last battle against the Romans during the first uprising. We visited historic sights on the Summit of Masada and walk the famous snake trial overlooking the dead sea. After descending Masada we enjoyed a nice lunch  Dead Sea Swim. Then returned to the Ramat Rachel for a Briefing session on Israel.

Tuesday August 09, 2011
We visited Israel'a version of Arlington Cemetery Mt. Hertzel where we paid tribute to Israels national figures and Fallen IDF soldiers. We visited Bethlehem the Birthplace of Jesus and David there we toured with a Palestinian guide different sites in the area. We ate Lunch visited the Church of the Nativity, shepherds field and returned to Jerusalem for a evening dinner and educational program.

Wednesday August 10, 2011
Today we visited the Temple Mount / Dome of the Rock and had a briefing session there. Spent time at the Machne Yehuda, Explored the caves at Beit Guvrin. Then we participated in an Archaeological dig on site. We are now at the Kibbutz Yad Mordechai on the Kibbutz Mashabei Sade

For a Essay of Photo's for the above described events  visit facebook or flickr

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