Monday, September 5, 2011

Israel September 2011

First and foremost the call given by the Lord in Psalm 122:6 to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: and the promise, They shall prosper that love thee.

Israel is gearing for another month of challenges and threatening from members of the International community who wish to use the United Nations as a launching pad for anti-Israel/Semitic sentiment. 

Durban is a series of conferences which first started in Durban, South Africa 2001. New York city will play host, on September 22,  to "Durban III" a supposedly conference designed to prevent and stifle growth of racism.  

The Durban series, a UN - sponsored,  Conference has long been know as a public field where  calls to abolish the Jewish state of Israel is common place and anti-Semitic slurs are sport.  Answering the call to love Israel in deed are:  Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the United States of America, and the Czech Republic. These countries deciding against supporting, what many hail as the Birthday of Durban I,  are joining Israel in Boycott of the event. 
There is a growing role for grassroots support to call for an end of negative rhetoric  through peer- to-peer dialogue new/social media, print, dance, and music and all forms of expression.  What Israel needs are real allies in peace. Greater than anywhere else, treats are coming from the net by way of new and social media,  instead of  using these forms to build commonality, some seek to increase a divide by insinuating violence and terror to a broader against targeted   audiences. As it is  aptly named, by the Jerusalem Post, "Electronic Intefada seems to grow stronger inhibit the best efforts at peace. 

Join in the efforts to show love for Israel by:
A  Good Morning from Jerusalem! Enjoy this great aerial photo of our city...

  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
  • Share Unity Building information.  instead of information that intends to destroy, and characterize
  • Get the Facts. Be informed with verifiable issues regarding Israel.
  • Spread the Word through your social media network about Loving Israel. 

Aish has suggested 54 Ways  you can help Love Israel at this Crucial time. 

Thanks Always and Be Blessed and Prosperous. 
Matthew Redmond

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