Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flying to Israel

I will leave in soon for Israel. This trip, sponsored by CUFI, will bring together 40 protestant young college leaders from various denominations, who share a common values, mainly our Support for an independent Jewish state of Israel.

The Trip will prove to be an excellent power experience. I hope to gain an in depth look at the progress of the state of Israel and am very interested in hearing, first hand,  residents share their stories about their life in the Jewish State. I understand that the culture and way of life has elements of both  secular and traditional Jewish customs.

Israel is a  burgeoning mix of western and eastern influences which reflects its culturally diverse citizenry. So in one view as a humanities major I'm anticipating viewing the nuances the Arts in the 21st century and it's effect on  jewish life.

With the world captivated in the recent events in Middle East Where oppression and  breach of human rights  in many parts of the Greater Middle East has given rise to growing cadre of youth voice many of whom fled streets to riot in hunger for freedom and liberty.   We have seen this played out in Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, just to name a few. In the midst of  these events lso served as a highlight to 1 Nation in the Middle East that stands are a protector of Human Rights and Dignity, A staunch democracy and  true American Partner, Israel.

Our trip comes at a crucial time, support for the US - Israel relationship is pivotal. I am hoping to bond with our other participants who share  people who support Israel as an independent Jewish state.

This Fall I will engage campus peers in support of the US - Israel Relationship. i'll share with you further next time...

enjoy this Video of Israel Accomplishment  and gift of ingenuity to our world

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